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As last year was coming to a close and this year was beginning, I kept coming across the word "behold."  It's a word we don't use anymore and one I've honestly never paid attention to, but it's all over the Bible.  Because I kept hearing it, seeing it, and seemingly not able to escape it, it caught my attention.  I feel it's a word God gave me for this year - a word He's highlighted for me to focus on to help me draw nearer to Him.

to fix the eyes upon; to see with attention; to observe with care
to fix the attention upon an object; to attend; to direct or fix the mind
(Websters Dictionary 1828)

In Luke 10, Jesus visited the house of two sisters - Mary and Martha.  Martha was so excited to have Jesus in her home and wanted to make Him feel welcome, to take care of His needs, and to make sure everything was perfect!  She was serving her King and doing so to the best of her ability!  Mary, on the other hand, put everything else aside, sat at Jesus' feet and soaked in all she could get.  She hung on every word He said.

Their hearts were both pure and both Mary and Martha had good intentions.  But scripture says "Martha was distracted with too much serving" (Luke 10:40).  Jesus tells Martha that only one thing is really needed, and Mary has chosen it.  The Message version says that "one thing" is the "main course, and it won't be taken from her."

Jesus is our main course.

He has invited us to the table to sit with Him.  To behold Him - fixing our eyes upon Him and Him alone. To see Him with attention.  And oh how my heart longs for more of this.

But I miss Him more often than I'd like to admit.  I satisfy myself with hor dourves and have no more room for the real meal.  Or I get busy with so many things, so many good things, that I am too distracted to see Him.

So this year I choose to see.  To observe.  To fix my attention. To fix my eyes upon.  To BEHOLD Jesus.  To be with Him, not too distracted doing for Him.

Will you join me?


For His glory and the next generation,

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