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Mentors, in Good Times and Bad

Guest blog post by Rachel Holcomb

We all need mentors in our lives. We need them when times are good and we need them when times are bad.

I met Regina when I was a newlywed and I instantly liked her. Years later God gave me a desire to be in a mentoring group like one my husband had been apart of and I approached Regina to lead our group. This is where my mentoring relationship with Regina began and it is where I learned that having a mentor in the good times and bad times needs to be a priority.

When I began meeting with Regina my life was somewhat problem free. I had the regular marriage struggles, the everyday job issues and the normal day to day issues that come with life.  However, my struggles grew - from anxiety and fear, to a difficult marriage and strained family relationships.  It was rough. Regina was the first one to introduce me to the concept that God provides all our needs, which was hard for me to believe. Regina provided me some tools that would later come in handy; for example, scripture memory, prioritizing my relationship with God, the power of prayer and trusting in God to provide for me every single minute. What I didn’t see or know is that God was preparing me for some of the toughest years of my life.  Regina was my first mentor and the impact she had on my life led to me asking women to mentor me year after year. These women poured into me, encouraged me and held me accountable to my walk with God.  Again they were preparing me.

In 2010, we lost our house and my husband sat on the couch for 11 months in a deep depression. We had 2 babies under 2 and I was financially supporting the family. Three years later in 2013 my marriage started to fall apart. I no longer had any influence over my husband. He was traveling a ton, unengaged with our family and I was struggling to respect him.   By 2014 things became worse and I felt unsafe around my husband. He was unpredictable and mean. Then in 2015 my marriage came to a devastating end. The truth was revealed and I found out my husband was a sex addict. My world literally came crashing down around me. It was like I was in a tunnel and I couldn’t see the light ahead of me or behind me. I needed to trust God one minute at a time and as I did, God showed up. He provided for me. He never left me. He held my hand the entire time. Now I can look back and see God was with me my entire marriage, preparing me. The mentors in my life over the last 17 years prepared me. They encouraged me, held me accountable, spoke the truth and showed me Jesus.

God put it on my heart to find a mentor even though at that time my life was going well. Most people would have probably said I didn’t need a mentor, but God knew better. I needed a mentor to prepare me for what was coming and to give me the tools to handle life when things got really bad. Even now, I still need a mentor though I’m on the other side of the storm.

How are you preparing for what God has in store for you?
Do you have someone giving you the tools that you need when life gets messy?

My hope is that through my story, you would also see the need to have a mentor, or the need for a woman like you to be a mentor.  And then take action to make it happen.

“The next best thing to being wise oneself is to live in a circle of those who are.” C.S. Lewis

For His Glory and the next generation-

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