Along for the Ride – My Titus2 Journey Part 1 May15


Along for the Ride - My Titus2 Journey Part 1

I just launched a Titus2 group last month.  Yep, 4 months after the year started, we kicked off the group.  And I'd love to invite you to sit in my passenger seat as I navigate the road ahead with my Titus2 girls.  It's one thing to encourage and equip you ladies with wisdom on mentoring and spiritual growth, but it's a whole new level of perspective when I'm "in the trenches" with you, allowing you to learn with me as I grow as a mentor myself.  So I hope you'll hop on in the car with me, with much grace, as I open up to you - mentor to mentor - through the Titus2 year ahead.

First question that I'm sure popped into each of your minds is why start the year together in April?  Well, one of the things I love about the Titus2 program is how much we encourage adaptability and customization.  Even from the Executive Director herself.  As I was making plans for the year, I had intentions for us to start in January.  But as I talked to each of the girls and realized how much we all had on our plates the first couple months of the year, it became clear to me that there was not enough margin to do Titus2 well along with the other big things going on in our lives.  One of the girls got engaged in December and was getting married at the end of March.  Another girl was in her last semester of graduate school, doing internships, and also working as a nanny.  And I had the big commitment of preparing for and going to India to teach on discipleship and mentoring to women over there.   Praying through all this, I realized that there is no reason we should feel obligated to start in January.  If we can all be more present and be more committed from day one by starting in April, good gosh, let's start in April!  And that we did.

I also want to point out that my group consists of three mentees, not the recommended six.   While six is an ideal number and I personally loved the benefits of being a mentee in a group of six, it is not what God put together for this group.  And what God has for us is always better than us trying to make something fit based on guidelines or recommendations.  So again, hear me when I say this, please do not let yourself get tripped up over making sure everything you do as a mentor exactly matches what we recommend.  Lean into God, asking Him to lead you, and then walk confidently ahead knowing He has great things in store for your group - your group that is unique to you and put together by God.


{our retreat location: a lakehouse that was generously loaned to us}

Because we started in April, I decided to combine our first month's meeting with the retreat.  It ended up being such a sweet time of bonding, making memories, sharing our stories, and launching into the year ahead together.  Ladies, I cannot stress enough the importance of doing a retreat early on in the mentoring year.   Whether it's 2 nights, 1 night, or even just a day retreat with no overnight stay, please do not miss this opportunity to form a closeness between the girls and yourself that might not happen otherwise.  Part of what makes the Titus2 year so transformational is everyone's willingness to be open and transparent.  It takes time to trust, to build relationships, to be willing to open up.  By taking dedicated time to allow these things to develop through a retreat (and you setting the stage by being vulnerable and open yourself), you jump start the year ahead and bring about more life change and deeper connections.   It happened for us, and I pray that it will happen in your groups as well.

So I'll leave you with what topic we're focusing on first and why...Intimacy with God.  I strongly believe the Titus2 year needs to start out focused on our vertical relationship with God - building that strong foundation - before we move into horizontal topics (relationships, finances, contentment, etc).  Every year I do a Titus2 group, the year will look different from the others, with the exception of the first 3 months of topics - Intimacy with God, Prayer, and Identity in Christ.  It was those three months as a mentee that transformed my faith and relationship with Jesus in a powerful way.  My  eyes were opened for the first time to knowing Christ, not just knowing about Him.  And as He does when we wholeheartedly pursue Him, Jesus showed up in my life in a real way like never before.

Cause I know you are curious, or at least I figure you might wonder, I'll share with you what book I've chosen for us to read each month.  This first month we are reading "A Place of Quiet Rest" by Nancy Leigh DeMoss.   I know many girls struggle to get through this book, but driving the point of this book home is so vital to the year ahead.  If the girls we mentor do not understand from the very beginning the importance of taking time to be with God, every day, then we've missed it.  Titus2 is not a bible study.  It is not a teaching program. It is a program built to develop relationships as we intentionally grow in our relationship with Christ.  For a relationship to thrive, you must make time for it - for friendships, and even more so with God.  I hope that by sharing my excitement for the book and how it transformed my thinking on quiet times, the girls in my group would be eager to see for themselves what God has for them through it.

Keep at it, friends.  Mentoring is not always easy, and we don't always have the right answers, but there's a confidence that develops when we do it together.  I'm excited to have you along for the ride!

"So let’s do it—full of belief, confident that we’re presentable inside and out. Let’s keep a firm grip on the promises that keep us going. He always keeps his word. Let’s see how inventive we can be in encouraging love and helping out...spurring each other on, especially as we see the big day approaching."  Hebrews 10:22-25 MSG

Now it's your turn...Questions?  Comments?  Stories to share about your group?  One of the best things about what I get to do here at Titus2 is hearing about how God is working in your places with your people through mentoring.  Excited to hear from you!

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{photos of my mentees' binders for the year}

For His glory and the next generation,

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Jeni Fobart
Executive Director
Titus2 Mentoring Women

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