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Elizabeth and Mary

Mentoring has been going on since Jesus walked on the earth, it just was not called that.  It is a simple, modern-day way of doing what Jesus did - making disciples who make disciples.    

Timothy had Paul
Joshua had Moses
Eunice had Lois
Ruth had Nayomi
And Mary had Elizabeth…

We find their story in Luke 1:30-36.  The angel Gabriel came to Mary, a virgin, announcing that she was soon to be the mother of God’s son, Jesus.  And immediately after telling her this news, he shared that Elizabeth, past her childbearing years, was also miraculously pregnant.  

So Mary did exactly what any of us would have done, she “hurried” straight to Elizabeth’s house, bursting to talk to someone that could personally understand her excitement and relate to her awe and wonder.  

God brought Elizabeth and Mary together at the most perfect time. A time when no one else could have truly understood what they were going through.  He knew exactly what they needed at that exact time, and it was each other.   They needed to feel a part of something, not isolated and alone.  They needed to feel united instead of divided.  Mary needed someone who understood.  Someone who would help her stay focused on God and her calling instead of mocking her and shaming her.  God gave Mary a mentor. 

But it required vulnerability, honesty, and courage.  Mary took a chance going to her cousin’s house, not having any idea how she would be received.  And because of her willingness to take the risk, she was blessed beyond what she could have imagined.

Two women, in unexpected circumstances, focused on God and His goodness, together.  Alone they could have easily lost their focus and slipped into a spiral of emotions based on their circumstances.  But there was power in them having each other.  

God designed us to thrive in relationship with others.  He chooses to use the nurturing relationships of His own to build His Kingdom here on earth.  As we become mentors and disciplemakers, we get to be a part of the story He is writing, a piece of His gospel spreading.  And as we give all we have to those God brings into our life, we realize that we in turn receive - it is a beautiful circle of blessing and yet being blessed in return.  

Mary and Elizabeth didn’t know how much they needed each other until they had each other.   Think about the people in your circle of influence.  Who in your life needs you to be their Elizabeth?  


For His glory and the next generation,

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Jeni Fobart
Executive Director
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