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Loving People

Guest blog post by Susan Peterson

My husband and I are in the middle of building a house. After 17 years in the same home, our kids are growing up and leaving for college. Our church and daily life has moved further from where we lived for so many years, so we put our home on the market and decided to move south a bit. We had no intentions of building a house, yet here we are….a year and a half later, still renting a home while making daily decisions on whether or not we want white or grey cabinets. UGH. (I recently laughed with an older friend of mine who has also been through the building process and when asked what kind of toilets she would like, she responded, “um….ones that flush?”)

When we started this journey, I thought it would be a fun project. I have a creative bent and I love hospitality. I like gardening and cooking new recipes, art and working with my hands, so I really thought I would enjoy this.

The truth is I’m exhausted of it and I mostly just want to make it all go away. I’ve been trying to decide why that is. And I think I’ve put my finger on a big piece of it: I love people. And I love BEING with people. And these past 12-18 months have been a lot of running around alone looking at this and that, making decisions on things that won’t last and wishing I had more time in my day for people I love and the things that actually WILL last.

The older I get, the more important people are to me, and things I thought were shiny and exciting in my younger days are not, well… so shiny. I am reminded almost every day how much I enjoy sitting across the table from a young woman who God has put in my path listening to her tell stories about her life, her hopes and dreams, her fears and faith. This is where life is… with people. And as I write this I am also reminded of how much I have enjoyed over the years the time spent with older women to whom I could tell my story. These women who had time for coffee or lunch or even just a quick phone call have molded and shaped my life in the best of ways.

I can’t really change where I am in the process of this house, nor can I speed up the weeks we have left to “work” on it. But in the end I can be glad for a few things about the process. I am renewed and refreshed to get back to a place where my days are spent loving people and focusing on someone else’s life. And meanwhile it is worth it to put aside the urgent to do the important.

If you are in a mentoring relationship, either as a mentee or mentor, and you are struggling to find that precious time to actually be together, I hope my words today will somehow spark your heart to drop everything and put that time on the calendar. Whatever is in the way of spending time together, my guess is it could be laid aside for a few minutes to be with a friend that the Lord has put in your life for a reason. I bet you feel the same way.

Let us consider how we may spur one another on as Hebrews 10 says, not giving up meeting together as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another and all the more as we see the Day approaching!

Help us Lord to continue to strive to love one another every single day!


For His glory and the next generation,

Titus2 Mentoring Women

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