Along for the Ride – My Titus2 Journey part 2 Jun26


Along for the Ride - My Titus2 Journey part 2

I started a Titus2 Mentoring group late April this year and have invited you all along for the ride.  Will you join me? In case you missed my first post, check it out here to be fully up to date -

We met mid-May for our first "normal" group meeting.  We met at my house, which is in the northern suburbs of the Atlanta area - approximately a 1 hr commute each way for 2 of my mentees (and fighting the crazy ATL traffic), yet they still showed up on time and with smiles on their faces (bless them!).  I wish it wasn't so far for them, but there really is no better place to meet than in the mentor's home.  Public places keep intimacy from happening.  No one is willing to be as vulnerable or as open with a waitress that keeps checking on your table or other people sitting nearby in a crowded coffee shop. It's something my mentees knew from the beginning - that signing up for this Titus2 group meant you'd be coming to my house for our meetings.  And so far, so good.

I sent them home from our retreat with book, scripture, marriage exercise, and peer challenge on Intimacy with God, so we spent the majority of our time together discussing just that.  I love hearing how God uses the same topic to teach us different things - each one of us having a different takeaway.  They went around the room and said their scripture out loud, read their takeaway paper out loud (and if it wasn't clear, I always asked them afterwards what they would say their one main takeaway was), and then we discussed things that stood out to us in the book.  The girls were open with where they struggle, aware of where God was stretching them and asking them to grow, and because of the book we had read together over the past month they were excited about being intentional with quiet times.  We briefly discussed the marriage exercise and peer challenge, shared specific prayer requests, and spent time praying together.  All in all it was a sweet time.

The next topic we are doing is Prayer.  I will always start with Intimacy with God, Prayer, and then do Identity in Christ.  These 3 topics set the foundation for the year before moving into other topics.  I chose a new book to the Titus2 list, yet a very old book.  It is called "Teach us to Pray" by Andrew Murray.  The book is set up as a devotional and has 31 chapters so I asked them to read one chapter a day, making time to actually pray as well.  I'm hoping this book connects with them even though it is harder to read than a more modern book.  I still chose it because it is set up perfectly for them to put into practice the discipline of daily quiet times from the previous month's topic and it is so rich with insight on prayer.  I'll keep you posted on their feedback - so far from a couple texts that have gone around it seems they are having a hard time with it.  I keep encouraging them to hang in there, read it slowly, and ultimately remember that the goal for this whole year is relationship, not accomplishment.  So if they can't make it through a chapter one day, just stop and pray instead.  Ultimately I'd rather them be praying than reading about prayer anyway!

I'm making it a goal to check in with them at the beginning of each week, asking if there are any new ways I can be specifically praying for them and seeing how things are going.  Also, I'm also going to make it a goal to call each of them once in between our meetings, just to say hi and connect with them in that regard.

How are you staying in touch with your mentees between meetings?

What are you doing to form relationship with them outside of group?

Remember mentoring is not a bible study or even a program we sign up for.  The materials covered every month just set the foundation for growth in Christ.  Mentoring is about relationship - discipleship through intentional relationship.  Don't get so focused on the "tasks" of T2 that you neglect the relationships.

I want to encourage you mentors to keep pressing on.  He's called us to go and make disciples, and we are stronger together than alone.  So let's unite, shining our light to the generations behind us, giving Him all the glory. I'm cheering you all on as we navigate this journey together!

{As always I'd love to hear from you and how your groups are going, what you may be struggling with, and/or any God stories from your groups.}

For His glory and the next generation,

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Jeni Fobart
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