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The Need for Mentors

Repost by Regina Williams, Titus2 founder

One of the saddest things I hear is this statement:  "I desperately want and need someone to mentor me, but I don't know of any older women who want to do that."  As I look around our churches today, they are filled with older women who have years of experience and hard earned wisdom to share, yet they are often not sharing that with women who are longing to hear.  Instead of being a conduit for the life of Jesus to flow, we've put a cap on our lives and stifled His life from flowing and impacting many lives.

You don't need a seminary degree.  You don't have to have all the answers.  You don't have to feel you've accomplished great things with your life.  You don't even need to have lived a stellar life to be a Godly mentor.  You just need to have a humble heart, recognizing your dependence on the Lord, and a willingness to come alongside and say, "Let me just help point you to God in practical areas of your life."  When you mentor you're giving younger women perspective on life; one they cannot get by themselves.

So to you older women let me encourage you to step out in faith.  Realize God has put you in this season of life for a purpose.  You want to fulfill God's purpose at this season of your life; and that is not to waste all the life experiences you have, but to use them to help encourage women in their journeys.  God's not giving any of us very many years on this earth.  Use this season of your life to invest in the next generation!

For His glory and the next generation,

Titus2 Mentoring Women

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