The Power and Privilege of “Mothering” Jun12


The Power and Privilege of "Mothering"

Women wear many different hats - in previous decades as well as in today's society.  And one of the hats a lot of women have in common is mothering.  Even if you don't have your own children, you are likely still seen as a mother figure in the lives of the younger people around you.  In fact, mentoring is also known as "spiritual mothering" - raising up and modeling our faith to those younger than us.

As "mothers" we have the privilege and power to change the trajectory of the lives of others.  I love the verse in 2nd Timothy where Paul speaks of Timothy's faith being a direct result of his grandmother and mother.  A faith that was handed down to him from the women that raised him, nurtured him, and mothered him.

God created women as nurturers.  To nurture is to "care for and encourage the growth or development of someone or something." As mentors and mothers we have been given the gift nurturing the generations below us, both our children and grandchildren, as well as younger women God brings into our path throughout our lives.

Lois and Eunice passed down not only their faith to Timothy, but genuine and sincere faith. Faith so strong which resulted in him being acknowledged, called, and raised up to disciple leaders and change lives.

So I ask...

What are you passing down to those God has entrusted you to mother?

Are you stewarding well the gift and call God's given you to "spiritually mother" the younger generation? And do you count it a privilege, not a burden, to do so?

God can and will do big things through the intentional, face to face relationships we build with those younger than us.  But we have to step into these relationships wholeheartedly, genuinely modeling our faith through the good times as well as the hard times.  This is no small task, but through Christ and the Holy Spirit living in us, our faith can move mountains and change generations.  Let's be mothers and mentors who don't settle for what's comfortable or convenient, but who embrace the charge God's given us, believing not only in the legacy we are leaving, but the legacies we are changing in the process!

For His glory and the next generation,

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Jeni Fobart
Executive Director
Titus2 Mentoring Women

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