How my Relationship with Jesus is like my Relationship with my Husband Jul10


How my Relationship with Jesus is like my Relationship with my Husband

Hi Titus2 friends and mentors!  My friend wrote this up (for a different purpose) and I think it's such a great analogy that I wanted to share it with you...

Ok, so now Keith and I are married. What is the strength of our marriage if I only talk to him at meals and a couple times on Sunday? What if we only got together when we went out with other people who also know Keith, not having dates on our own? I’d think that would have an impact on our intimacy. Now getting together with friends can be helpful and maybe even spark a conversation that we need to have privately, but what if we just listened to what people said and never talked one-on-one about it. Would that change any dynamics in our relationship?

What if, along with going to church, I learned I could meet with him by myself and have conversations with him too? What if I started doing that? Then would I have a relationship with him? Maybe, just maybe, I would even be a step further down the path of actually loving him. 

To grow in my relationship with Jesus, I have to spend time with Him. I can go to church, be in a small group, read books, and spend time discussing God with others, but ultimately we need HIM.  It's relationship with Him that leads us to life change. (Ashley May)

As mentors we never know exactly where our mentees are in regards to their walk with Jesus.  Some mentees may seem to be closer to Jesus than they actually are - having knowledge of the Bible and knowing all the right things to say.  As mentors, it is our job to help them not only grow in their knowledge of Jesus, but in relationship with Him.  Yet, we must first be seeking to personally know Jesus in our own walk.  We must accept the invitation to "come" to Him - creating margin and space to meet with Him, intentionally and daily - and then model to our mentees what it looks like to truly follow Him, to truly love Him, to know Him, not just to know about Him.

Mentoring is a big job - knowing others eyes are always on us and their ears are eager to listen to us.  But keeping our eyes on Jesus, it has the power to change lives.  Let's be mentors who are known to "come" to Jesus, and as we do, transforming the generations behind us....all for His glory and renown....

For His glory and the next generation,

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Jeni Fobart
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