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The Sinful Woman

My church recently read through Mark together.  One of the themes that stood out to me was how it seems everywhere Jesus went, the Pharisees followed.  They were "followers" of Jesus, but not in the same sense as the disciples were.  Instead of following Him to learn and out of love, they followed Him to question.

In Luke 7 a Pharise invited Jesus to his home for a meal.  Jesus accepts and while reclining at the table with the Pharisee, a "sinful woman" enters the house, hearing that Jesus was there, with a very rare and expensive jar of perfume.  And what she did next is touching. Standing behind Jesus, she...
washed His feet with her tears
wiped them dry with her hair
kissed His feet and
poured the perfume over them.

Knowing how unworthy she was, full of tears and regret, all she could do was cry.  But through her tears and at Jesus' feet, she showed Jesus respect, adoration, submission, and love.  Yet even witnessing this selfless act, the Pharisee still questions and scrutinizes - “If this man were a prophet, he would know who is touching him and what kind of woman she is—that she is a sinner.” (Luke 7:39)  

Pharisees are considered men who are loyal to their beliefs, strictly observing them, yet unaware of their "pretend holiness," considering themselves more righteous than others.  They were with Jesus often, yet missed Him completely due to their need to understand everything, their constant questioning and their intense focus on the law.

The sinful woman was desperate and gave all of herself, her sin and shame, over to Jesus.  She didn't have words but her weeping was all that needed to be said.  She positioned herself at Jesus' feet, displaying her unworthiness and instead how worthy He is.  She laid down her dignity and displayed great love.

Oh that we would lay down our pride, our "pretend holiness," our need to understand everything and our constant chasing of perfectionism.  And instead, as we mentor the generations behind us, be women who do not stop kissing His feet - modeling complete abandon to our Savior Jesus, making every effort to position ourselves as the sinful woman did.  Choosing Jesus over religion.  Selflessness over pride.  Love over law.


For His glory and the next generation,

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