Titus2 Mentoring Women was birthed out of a passion Regina Williams has for investing in the lives of younger women. When Regina was in her 20’s, an older woman, Carol St. Clair, chose to invest in her life, modeling what a woman walking with God looks like. Because she did not grow up in a Christian home, the time spent with Carol changed the direction of her life. Carol spent time with her studying God’s Word, answering her questions about marriage and parenting, and demonstrating how to invest in the lives of other women. It had such a life-changing impact that Regina felt God’s calling to give to other women what had been given to her.

After mentoring younger women individually, Regina discovered her time with younger women had more impact for God’s Kingdom if she challenged the women to study scripture and read a book on specific topics that the women wanted to grow in. After she had been meeting with women individually for over 20 years, Regina was approached by some women and asked if she would consider taking a group of women to mentor. Mentoring within the context of a group of women was something that God had already been leading her to do with women leaders in her church.  In 2006, she developed materials and led seven women who committed to a year of intentional mentoring using books written by Christian authors on topics the women wanted growth and godly wisdom on.

Regina found that mentoring a group of women multiplied her time and had a greater impact on younger women.  Because the women met with a group of peers, they not only learned from her but from each other as they shared their experiences and what God was teaching them. Along the way, Regina came to see that the success of Titus2 Mentoring Women was derived from the fact that she was simply doing what Jesus did:

  • He mentored in a small group context.
  • He invested in them for a defined period of time.
  • He served them and modeled selflessness.
  • He made and received a mutual commitment from His disciples.
  • He expected multiplication, not addition, and a commitment to pay it forward.
  • He taught them within the context of life, along the way.
  • He modeled a God-centric life allowing them to see how He applied His faith in every aspect of life.
  • He lived, taught, and interpreted Scripture throughout their time together.

In 2009, Johnson Ferry Baptist Church in Marrietta, Georgia embraced the model and thus launched Titus2 Mentoring Women. Five mentors led 25 younger women through the Titus2 Mentoring Women process and each of the women involved realized incredible results.

From 2010-2011, over 100 women and, subsequently, their husbands and children were impacted by individual mentors throughout the United States who invested in them through a Titus2 Mentoring Women’s group.

In 2012, Titus2 Mentoring Women extended its borders by providing its content online.

In 2015, Regina Williams had a glorious homecoming to heaven after a hard-fought battle with breast cancer.

Currently Titus2 continues as an independent website to continue the God ordained directive to mentor.
As of 2019, Titus2 has two distinct paths: Church Mentoring and Individual Mentoring. Click here to launch your church mentoring ministry or click here to start your individual mentoring group.