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Any and all Amazon purchases made through this link will directly support Titus2 Mentoring Women.  Your pricing is the same, but we receive a small percentage of each sale.  So, for any purchases you need to make now or in the future, please consider using this Amazon link and every book, pair of sunglasses, tv, appliance, etc. you purchase will go to help further this mentoring movement.


Listed below are the book choices Titus2 Mentoring Women recommends based on the topic of discussion.  We don’t mind sharing these with you!  In fact, if you are a graduate of a Titus2 Mentoring Women group, we encourage you to choose a book from a topic you didn’t cover during your season and continue on with members from your group or by yourself.

Intimacy with God


Identity in Christ

Following Jesus

Gratitude, Peace, and Contentment

Growing through Difficulties

The Inner You

Intimacy in Marriage



Personality and Spiritual Gifting

Purpose and Priorities

Relationship and Dating

Sexual Purity

Significance and Security

Stewardship: Finances and Time

Thought Life