forming your group

Titus2 Mentoring Women has provided Email Templates for you to use in all three phases of your group formation.  We have provided these in Microsoft Word Document format so you can simply copy and paste into your own email.  (You can find them on the right side of this page.)

The areas that require your specific information are in bold and highlighted.  Please do not forget to update those items.  These emails are written for an individual mentor; but if you are doing this with a co-mentor, please remember to update that as well.

Remember this is simply suggested email content for you to use.  If some of the verbiage in one of these does not sound like you or you just plain don’t like it, please change it. This is YOUR group.

If you’ll follow this sequence and stick to deadlines with your ladies, you’ll find that the formation of your group will run smoothly.

* Remember to attach the appropriate Mentee Application to the Application Email and also, the Mentee Covenant to both the Application Email and to the Acceptance Email. *