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Along for the Ride – My Titus2 Journey part 2 Jun26

Along for the Ride – My Titus2 Journey part 2 I started a Titus2 Mentoring group late April this year and have invited you all along for the ride.  Will you join me? In case you missed my first post, check it out here to be fully up to date – We met mid-May for […]

Into the Deep Jun19

Into the Deep Shallow water is comfortable.  It is safe.  Even people who don’t know how to swim will walk into shallow waters.  Why?  Because their feet are still touching the ground.  They are still in control.  But deep water? Not so much.  It’s unknown, unsafe, unsettling.  Yet deep waters are where life is found. […]

The Power and Privilege of “Mothering” Jun12

The Power and Privilege of “Mothering” Women wear many different hats – in previous decades as well as in today’s society.  And one of the hats a lot of women have in common is mothering.  Even if you don’t have your own children, you are likely still seen as a mother figure in the lives of […]

The Need for Mentors Jun5

The Need for Mentors Repost by Regina Williams, Titus2 founder One of the saddest things I hear is this statement:  “I desperately want and need someone to mentor me, but I don’t know of any older women who want to do that.”  As I look around our churches today, they are filled with older women who […]

Elizabeth and Mary May29

Elizabeth and Mary Mentoring has been going on since Jesus walked on the earth, it just was not called that.  It is a simple, modern-day way of doing what Jesus did – making disciples who make disciples.     Timothy had Paul Joshua had Moses Eunice had Lois Ruth had Nayomi And Mary had Elizabeth… We […]

Teachableness May22

. Teachableness Guest blog post by Cinara Lothamer TE’ACHABLENESS, noun “The quality of being capable of receiving instruction; more generally, a willingness or readiness to be informed and instructed; docility; aptness to learn.” (Webster’s Dictionary 1828 – Online Edition) “Instruct the wise and they will be wiser still; teach the righteous and they will add […]

Along for the Ride – My Titus2 Journey Part 1 May15

Along for the Ride – My Titus2 Journey Part 1 I just launched a Titus2 group last month.  Yep, 4 months after the year started, we kicked off the group.  And I’d love to invite you to sit in my passenger seat as I navigate the road ahead with my Titus2 girls.  It’s one thing […]

Loving People May8

Loving People Guest blog post by Susan Peterson My husband and I are in the middle of building a house. After 17 years in the same home, our kids are growing up and leaving for college. Our church and daily life has moved further from where we lived for so many years, so we put […]

Pruning May1

Pruning I am in a season of pruning – a season that’s lasted way longer than I’d like.  Because when something gets pruned, it hurts.  It’s being cut back, shaped up, refined.  All so that in the season ahead, it will be stronger, more beautiful, and more abundant.  But that doesn’t lighten the fact that […]

Mentors, in Good Times and Bad Apr24

Mentors, in Good Times and Bad Guest blog post by Rachel Holcomb We all need mentors in our lives. We need them when times are good and we need them when times are bad. I met Regina when I was a newlywed and I instantly liked her. Years later God gave me a desire to […]

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