Titus2 Mentor Profile

Attributes Needed to be an Effective Titus2 Mentor

Godly Character – provides credibility to influence the lives of younger women.
  • Life is surrendered to God
  • Desires to exhibit the fruit of the Spirit – love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control
  • A person of integrity; seeks to live a life above reproach
Mature Faith – life experiences, not knowledge, will have the greatest impact on others
  • Not a new believer
  • Knows God’s word and applies it to her life
  • Secure with who she is in Christ
Intimate Relationship with God – understands the importance of a growing relationship with Christ and seeks to put Him first
Reliable – committed to fulfill the responsibilities of a mentor
Servant Leader – primary motivation for mentoring is from a heart of gratitude to God
  • Desires to share God’s love with younger women so they might experience the abundant life He has for them, and fulfill the purpose for which they were created.
  • Serves her family well
    • Husband trusts her
    • Guides and teaches her children with wisdom and in the fear of the Lord
    • Good manager of her home
Available – has a desire to honor God by making her life available to others, in order to encourage and equip them to live for God’s glory
Model – teaches and models what she teaches
  • Is transparent and honest; willing to share her successes and failures in order that others may benefit from the wisdom gained.
Initiator in the relationship by:
  • Investing in the life of the mentee
  • Taking responsibility for the health of the relationships with the mentee and the group as a whole
  • Confronting and challenging when necessary
Continuous Learner
  • Makes time to read and be challenged in her relationship with the Lord
  • Teachable – open to learn from others, does not consider herself as “having arrived”
Humble and dependent on God
  • Recognizes that this is God’s ministry
  • Recognizes that He will equip her in this ministry
  • Perseveres in God’s calling on her life