Comments from Mentors

“Now that my children are grown, mentoring is a great use of my time.  To be able to help a younger woman by sharing the wisdom I’ve gained, has been a huge blessing in my life.” Regina Williams, mentor

“Mentoring this group has given me a front row seat to see God working out His plan in the lives of these young women.  How exciting!”  Melissa Rutherford, mentor

“Participating in the program gave me the organization to know where to start in a  mentoring relationship with younger women.  I was able to be more purposeful in my relationships with younger women with  the “map” offered by Titus2.  I felt encouraged and  equipped with the resources offered.”  Wendy Smith, mentor

“Mentoring has been an unexpected joy in my life.  The mentor notes that Titus2 provides is all that you need to run the three hour monthly meeting – word for word – if you choose.  Besides becoming a grandmother, being a mentor has been my biggest blessing of the last 3 years.”  Martha Richie, mentor

Comments from Churches

“Titus2 has been an effective tool for equipping mature women to influence the lives of younger women through sharing life experiences and embracing the wisdom and power of Scripture.  The material provides clarity and structure for mentors.  It has been a great source of community and blessing for the mentees.  I recommend this program to those seeking to develop a Christ-centered mentoring ministry.”  Marsha Crowe, Minister to Women, Johnson Ferry Baptist Church, Marietta, GA

“This mentoring program has been an amazing resource to our church body for the purpose of active discipleship.  By connecting generation to generation we have witnessed women excitedly growing and maturing in their relationship with Jesus.  The structure and love found in these groups has provided real encouragement when learning how to practically apply this material to their everyday life.”  Angela Barnes – mentoring coordinator, Life Center, Spokane, WA

Comments from Graduates

“It touched every single aspect of my life: from my walk with the Lord to my marriage, to my relationship with my family and friends, and also being a mother.  . . . the opportunity to glean guidance from someone who was ahead of me in both life experience and her walk with the Lord as well as from others who were in my current stage of life was priceless.  I am constantly referring back to the information I got that year and use it to guide other friends in my life.”   Holland Rogers – 35 years old, married 5 years, 3 year old & 4 month old sons

“The mentor group this year has been very instrumental in my spiritual growth.  This year has probably stretched me mentally, physically, and emotionally more than any other year in my entire life. . . . it kept me accountable to stay connected to other believers, stay in the Word, and to promote open communication with my husband. . . . The monthly focus on various life topics gave me a renewed perspective on life.  From intimacy with God, to defeating anxiety, to marriage intimacy, parenting skills…. the gamut of topics gave me a blue print for living. . . . I have a more solid foundation for living. . . . the impact will be seen in our family for many years.”  Amanda Caldwell – 34 years old, married 5 years, 2 year old daughter & 4 month son 

“The topics we discussed in our mentoring group have further revealed to me God’s will for my life as a wife, mother, sister, friend, and daughter-in-law.  I learned God’s truths about each topic we studied, and so benefited from the knowledge of having a woman who’s older than me to share her life experiences.  I also benefited from the structure and accountability that our group provided.”   Kate Lavelle – 38 years old, married 12 years, 8 year old daughter & 6 year old son

“It is one of the key spiritual milestones in my life. It taught me valuable lessons that I will carry with me through life. It gave me access to a Godly woman that I can look to for guidance and advice.  . . . It was priceless to learn key principles and lessons from a Godly woman – giving me focus as a follower of Christ, wife and mother. . . . It was also helpful to share current life challenges and hear her perspective on each issue.“   Courtney DeFeo – 32 years old, married 5 years, 2 year old daughter

“Accountability!  I never thought I could accomplish so much in one month (quiet times, read a whole book, memorize scripture, pray for each other, marriage exercises, date nights, and more).  I think some of these would not have happened if the mentoring was one-on-one and not within a group.”   Joy Thomas – 32 years old, married 10 years, 2 year old son

“This experience has been incredible and life changing.  I have grown a lot in my relationship with the Lord and with my husband.  I have seen a difference in my own attitudes and spiritual growth.  I have loved the friendships that have developed out of this group and will cherish them for a lifetime!”  Tanya Brackman – 40 years old, married 8 years, 5 and 3 year old sons