the program

Titus2 Mentoring Women is designed to make it simple for women to invest in the lives of other women through a mentoring relationship.

Titus2 Mentoring Women – Called to More.

Our goal is to call every woman, young and old, to more.  We exist to help generations journey together through intentional relationships focused on Him, calling women to a higher vision, a more abundant life, and a deeper relationship with Christ.

Titus2 Core Elements


  • with your Heavenly Father as you pursue a relationship with Him
  • with your mentor as she intentionally invests in you
  • with fellow mentees through monthly group meetings and peer challenges

Memorizing Scripture

  • Hiding the Word of God away in your heart through scripture memorization and meditation

Reading a Book

  • Reading a book specifically chosen on a relevant topic and write a one page summary of your takeaways

Focusing on Marriage (for married groups)

  • A marriage exercise designed to deepen your marriage and help you focus on your relationship throughout the month
  • A date night focused on intentional conversation with your husband

Program Format


  • Titus2 groups are designed as a small group mentoring model – 1 mentor to 6 mentees


  • Groups meet once a month in the mentor’s home for approximately 3 hours
  • One-on-one meetings with the mentor are encouraged throughout the year, at least once a quarter


  • The program lasts 12 months and covers 12 different topics, one topic a month. (option to modify to 9 months covering school year calendar)


  • Weekend retreat in the 2nd or 3rd month to share faith stories and help build relationships between the mentor and mentees


  • Graduation dinner in the mentor’s home with mentor, mentees, and spouses (if applicable) to celebrate the year together.

We provide all the tools and the direction needed to help the mentor  have an impactful ministry. Here’s what is included:

Training & Preparation

Through the use of PDF documents, Titus2 Mentoring Women will help you with everything from how to form your group, to getting ready for your first session, to ending with a graduation dinner, and everything in between.

Topics & Schedule

Titus2 Mentoring Women has a suggested 12-month track for women that has been tested and proven. Some churches have tailored the program to a 9-month track following the school year calendar and breaking for summer.

In all, we have 17 topics to choose from and information on how to plan and carry out a retreat at the beginning of the year and a graduation at the end of the year.  Each topic has resources to assist the mentor with preparation, content for each session, suggested book titles, and homework for your mentees.   Some topics are specific for married women, some for single women.  Most topics work for married and single women.  The topics available for you to choose from are:

  1. Intimacy with God
  2. Prayer
  3. Identity in Christ
  4. Following Jesus
  5. Gratitude, Peace and Contentment
  6. Growing Through Difficulties
  7. The Inner You
  8. Intimacy in Marriage
  9. Marriage
  10. Parenting
  11. Personality and Spiritual Gifting
  12. Purpose and Priorities
  13. Relationships and Dating
  14. Sexual Purity
  15. Significance and Security
  16. Stewardship:  Finances and Time
  17. Thought Life

Titus2 Mentoring Women is fully customizable.

  • You can go with the set track with suggested books.
  • You can create your own topic list specific to your group and change the books up.

Bottom Line – You don’t have to create anything new if you don’t want to!

Tools and Resources

You’ll be provided with:

  • Timeline to plan and launch a Titus2 Mentoring Women ministry or individual group
  • Training material for mentors
  • Templates to email perspective mentees
  • Applications for mentors and mentees
  • Mentor and mentee covenants
  • Monthly homework assignment sheets (and any additional handouts), mentor preparation guides and meeting guides for each group session