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Are You Stingy With Your Experience? Mar30

My good friend, Regi Campbell, is our guest blogger today.  He is founder and president of Radical Mentoring, a men’s mentoring ministry. ‘Stewardship’ is an old-school word. Churches ruined it by always associating it with money and giving and building campaigns. But we shouldn’t give up this word. It’s important. A steward is a manager […]

Benefits of Being Mentored Mar23

I would like to introduce Ashley Jansen, our guest blogger today. She’s a graduate of Titus2, has been married 12 years and is a mom to three young boys. Nine years ago an opportunity arose for me to join a mentor group.  It didn’t take much thought on my part to agree to join. I […]

Ordinary Women, Extraordinary God Mar16

I have to remind myself constantly that it’s not about what I have to offer younger women, but what Jesus has to offer through me.  It’s not about my abilities, but about allowing the Spirit of the Living God to be released through my life. Young women today have so much more information and helps […]

The Need Women Have for a Mentor Mar9

Let me introduce you to my young friend and guest blogger, Cinara Lothamer.  She’s been married for five years and recently participated in a Titus2 Mentoring Women group. I was born a dreamer and always had a strong sense of significance that I couldn’t comprehend; and I was eager for guidance. Coming from a catholic […]

Is Your Nest Empty? Mar2

I have a number of friends who’ve recently entered the empty nest stage.  These women have spent much of their lives raising their children, and now are in a major season of change. I’ve heard some say, “What am I supposed to do now?  What’s my purpose?  What’s my mission during this season of life?” […]

End It Feb23

  We have a guest post written by Daniel Kosmala, Media & Marketing Manager for Radical Mentoring. Friday, February 27th is ‘Shine a Light on Slavery’ Day so let’s start with some facts most people are either unaware of or choose to ignore. Currently there are 27 MILLION (Not a mistake) slaves worldwide There are MORE slaves […]

Distress Feb16

In recent days, Psalm 107 has been particularly meaningful to me as I’m personally crying out to the Lord, and praying He will heal me from a significant health issue.  In this Psalm, there are four times mentioned when the people find themselves in “distress.”  The distress comes from hunger, thirst, sin, sickness, and danger.  […]

From One Who’s Been Mentored Feb9

Let me introduce you to Carmen Coe, a wife, mom of four, and recent graduate of a Titus2 Mentoring Women group.  She shares with us what the mentoring year meant in her life. This experience will be a spiritual marker in my life.  God has used my mentor to call me out . . . […]

Importance of a Mentor’s Personal Walk Feb2

One thing I’ve found that younger women want from a mentor is AUTHENTICITY.  You cannot lead someone to where you’re not.  I’m constantly challenged as a mentor to make sure I’m keeping my own relationship with the Lord strong.  I can only give from what the Lord has given to me, and anything I give should be […]

The Need is Great Jan26

Let me introduce you to today’s guest blogger, Daniel Kosmala, Director of Media & Marketing for Radical Mentoring.  Radical Mentoring is a mentoring ministry for men whose approach is very similar to Titus2 Mentoring Women. I was born into a middle-class family in the suburban wilderness of Atlanta. My family was never terribly wealthy, but […]

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