Encouragement for Women Investing in the Next Generation of Women

Who likes to be called an “older woman”?! Aug6

In Titus 2:3, “older women” are challenged to “encourage younger women.”  So who are the older women?  I’m often asked, how old do you need to be to become a mentor?  Being an older woman has a little to do with age, and more about what season of life you’re in.  The key is being […]

So what exactly is mentoring? Jul30

Mentoring . . . it’s a word used in so many contexts.  What we’re calling women to do through Titus2 Mentoring Women is to walk alongside younger women, encourage them, be available to them, and challenge them to grow in all of their relationships, especially their relationship with Christ. As one Titus2 Mentor said, “Mentoring […]

Why Mentor? Jul16

I believe God has called us all to live a life that is so much bigger than what we often envision for ourselves!  It’s so easy to fall into the mentality we’re just ordinary women with limited skills and abilities, instead of extraordinary women that the Living God wants to live through to impact this […]

Announcing Titus2 Mentoring Women Resources Now Available Online (FINALLY!!!) Jul15

The Titus2 Mentoring program has been used to mentor younger women for over seven years. Though it continues to be refined through feedback from various groups, we’re now launching this website to serve women whom God has called to invest in the next generation.  In order to allow for more mentors to have access to […]

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