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Knowing Christ Jan9

Knowing Christ Do you know about Christ? Or do you know Christ?    Jesus is not just a bible we read, a church service we attend, or a person we only seek when life gets hard.   To know Christ is to give Him everything. Through mentoring I learned the undeniable importance of dying to myself and the […]

An Army of Women Jan2

An Army of Women God is on the move.  He is stirring hearts and leading us into His purposes and plans for the future.  He is raising up His daughters to be His army – His chosen vessels to revive His people who have gone dormant, lukewarm, apathetic.  And I believe His first step in […]

Be Still Dec26

Be Still The pace of our society is fast.  We find ourselves busy even though most would prefer not to be.  It’s a cycle that seems unstoppable in our culture – we go, go, and then go some more.  Most find themselves stretched thin, stressed, and weary.  And our relationship with Christ suffers because of […]

His Great Love Dec19

His Great Love Christmas.  The birth of Christ.  A stable, a bright star, no room in the inn, a virgin birth. We all know the story and have heard it over and over.  Yet Christmas is so much more than just a story about Jesus’ birth.  It’s a story of God’s immense and fierce love […]

Jonah Dec12

.                          Jonah Post by Ashley Jansen In 2008 God called me to stay at home full-time with my son which meant quitting the job I loved at my church.  I remember crying to my husband saying, “I think God wants me to resign […]

That We May Dec5

                  That We May The Lord tells us that mature women are called to mentor younger women. His Word states women are to be “reverent in their behavior, not malicious gossips nor addicted to much wine, teaching what is right and good, so that they may encourage the young […]

Mountains and Valleys Nov21

Mountains and Valleys Group mentoring can be hard to navigate. On one hand, women learn not only from what God is teaching them, but also what God is teaching others and how God is working in each others’ lives.  But on the other hand, the season they are walking through with God can be on […]

The Ease of Flying Nov14

The Ease of Flying Have you ever stopped to watch a bird fly?  High up in the air they spread their wings and glide.  The wind carries them making it look effortless on the bird’s part.  They don’t flail or struggle or have to fight to stay in the air.  They were made to fly […]

5 Verbs of Mentoring Nov7

            5 Verbs of Mentoring I’ve been digging into the book of Titus recently.  My goal is to gain a deeper understanding of the context and the call asked of us women in Titus 2:3-5.  First, I went and read the pages in my bible that I tend to skip over […]

Rest Oct31

Rest “On the seventh day He rested from all his work.” Genesis 2:2 MSG On the 7th day, God paused.  He rested.  He wasn’t tired.  He didn’t need sleep.  He wasn’t needing downtime to recover from all the work he had just done.  God stopped to remember and celebrate all He had done.  He took time […]

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