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Graduation Dinner

Titus2 Mentoring Women involves a graduation ... a passing of the torch ... a completion of the mentoring season.  We get the idea from Jesus.  He did it first.  He got His disciples together and told them He was leaving them.  He prayed for them and He let them hear that prayer.  Then He sent them out to pay it forward—to do for others what He had done for them.  He’d invested in their lives so that each of them were now sold out followers of Christ.  After their “graduation” they became mentors themselves.  That’s how the church grew and prospered.

Multiplication, not addition.

This will be final month of this mentoring season.  You can choose to combine your graduation dinner with your last session, in which case it will be a longer session.  Or you can add an additional evening together to just share and have a closing time of prayer and encouragement. This will probably depend on the group's ability to schedule it.

Some of your women may be ready to take on a small group mentoring assignment themselves. You can be a great encourager to those who are ready to "pay it forward".  Challenge them, and hold them accountable to get started.  If they’re only 35, direct them toward some 25 year olds. If they’re only ready to mentor a couple of women, help them select the Titus2 Mentoring Women modules they’re most ready to lead.  And then help them structure a season, find the right woman or women to invest in, and get on with it.

Your graduation dinner will be a great time of sharing and celebrating what God has done!