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Growing Through Difficulties

“Even when it is not well with our circumstances, it can be well with our souls.”  Jennifer Rothchild

As we all know, every one of us will walk through difficult situations during our lives.  Learning to trust God is a lifelong process, and essential to living a victorious Christian life.  For young women to have an older and wiser woman to walk with them is a huge encouragement.  We can bring not only wisdom gained through life experiences, but truths we’ve learned through meditating on God’s Word and allowing His truth to be lived out through us.  Even if we have not gone through the same situation, we can be a voice in their lives that reminds them of God’s love and faithfulness in their lives.  This is probably more impactful than any of us can imagine.

“The common response to trials is resistance, if not outright resentment.  How much better that we open the doors of our hearts and welcome the God-ordained trials as honored guests for the good they do in our lives.”  Chuck Swindoll

As mentors, you will help the women receive all God has for them and learn how to use “what Satan meant for evil” as the very thing that God will use for their good and His glory.  God never wastes one moment of our pain or our sorrows.

As God uses you to speak His truth into young women’s hearts and minds, you’ll witness them growing in the midst of their hard situations.  You’ll have the privilege of bringing hope and encouragement to each woman, and be able to watch God do what only He can do in each life.  What a privilege!