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Identity in Christ

"Understanding your identity in Christ is absolutely essential to your success at living the victorious Christian life."  Neil Anderson

"We don't need a good self-image.  We need a proper self-image - one that comes from God's Word."  Bob George

How God sees you shapes your personality, your attitude, your marriage, and your relationships. Few of us were raised in homes where we were consistently taught that God sees us as His child… a daughter that was chosen by God to be included in His family.   We didn’t just “happen,” we were intentionally adopted by our Heavenly Father.

Everything in a Christian woman’s life is built on this foundation:  her identity.

So many women struggle with who they are, so often comparing themselves with other women and coming up short with who they think they need to be.  Women tend to find their worth in what they do, what they look like, or what others say about them . . . instead of what God says about them.

This is a much needed topic to focus on with your women and should be selected early in your mentoring year.  Many women don't know where they stand with God.  They may know they're "saved", but that's about it.  As they get grounded in who God says they are, they will start experiencing the abundant life that Jesus came to give us.

As Mentors, we want to help them see that their Heavenly Father is their forever Father, and that He sees them as His daughter.  Once adopted, you can’t be “un-adopted", neither can a woman who has truly accepted God’s offer of adoption ever be fatherless again.

What an exciting truth, that once fully understood, truly sets a woman free to be all God created her to be!