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Intimacy in Marriage

Intimacy in marriage - well that's a HOT topic!!  It's a topic often avoided in our Christian discussions, but such an important topic for us to address.  The images we are bombarded with in the media paints such a skewed image of what God intended intimacy within the context of marriage to be.

"When married Christians begin to understand the role, importance and blessing of healthy marital sexuality, that it has the potential to become such a positive, holy force for good, they will embrace it with a new enthusiasm and sense of purpose. Experiencing sexual intimacy on this level will help us to fully live out God’s design for intimacy, creating such a powerful experience that any thought of infidelity is shut out.  In fact, positive sexual experience is like pulling the weeds of temptation from the ground; they’re removed before they have a chance to grow."   Gary Thomas author of Sacred Marriage

The book we have suggested will make this topic very easy to discuss, and you'll be very surprised with how open the women are to share and learn in this area.  If you are planning a second retreat toward the end of your mentoring year, this is a great topic to use.