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First Meeting

You only get one chance to start anything, so how you launch your mentoring season is pretty important.   Several questions will be asked and answered on Launch Night.  Let's talk about them:

- Is this group going to be important or marginal?

This will get answered by how clearly you set standards...how firm you are when you set expectations for attendance, punctuality, and homework preparation.  Communicate these clearly and make sure they understand the commitment that not only they are making, but you are making with them.  They will only get out of the year by what they put into the year.

- How do you set the atmosphere for openness and honesty?

This will be answered on launch night when you tell your faith story...by how much you tell and by how you share it.   Transparency AND vulnerability, coupled with humility is rare.  Women will be drawn to you when they see your openness and your willingness to serve them and love them.

- Is there going to be real opportunity for the women to grow?

When you share the topics you've picked, some of the books they'll read, and cast your vision for what you desire God to do in each of the women's lives, the women's eyes will light up and they'll get excited about your time with them!

- Will I develop any true friendships?

If you've recruited and selected the right women for the right reasons, there will be a kindred spirit in the room from the start.   The women will become like daughters and true friendships will develop far beyond your mentoring season.

Get prepared.  Pray diligently.  Be fully present.  Love your women.  Let it show through your availability.  You'll BLAST out of the starting blocks!