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Purpose & Priorities

“Many women today are unclear about their ultimate purpose, so they allow people and circumstances to pull them this way and that.  They may have a general idea about what is important to them, but their goals are so poorly defined that it is impossible to tell if they are making any progress.  Becoming the kind of women God wants us to be and accomplishing what He wants us to do will not happen by accident.  We need to know what we are aiming for (our purposes), formulate a plan for accomplishing those purposes (our goals), and then discipline ourselves to follow that plan.” —Ruth Haley Barton

This month you'll spend time helping the young women you’re mentoring discover the importance of living life purposefully, to make sure the path they're on leads to the desired destination!  They'll be challenged to think through how God has uniquely gifted them and how they can be intentional in fulfilling what He has equipped and called them to do. They'll set some specific goals in different areas of their lives that will help them to live wisely.

This month is a busy month.  There are two sets of documents available this month.  One set labeled “Restless” is to be used when you’ve selected the book Restless by Jennie Allen.  For all other books, use the documents not identified with “Restless”.   With all books except Restless there are three extra activities to do to help them discover their purpose, to see how they are currently using their time, and then to set goals in order to live purposefully.  Because the book Restless has its readers processing through a whole set of exercises and questions, there is enough for the mentees to do without going through the extra activities developed for this month.  You could choose to do the extra activities at another time, if you so desire.   Our encouragement to you the mentor is to do this on a month that is not a busy month, i.e., December or for moms, May.

As a mentor, you coming alongside and encouraging them will help them to make positive steps toward being purposeful as they seek to fulfill God's calling on their lives.  This topic is one you will not want to miss!  The outcomes can literally change the direction they are now heading and propel them onto the life God has called them to.

**  Two extra documents are available to you this month:  an article written by Charles Hummel called "Tyranny of the Urgent," along with a document called  "Questions Related to Tyranny of the Urgent".  These are referred to in the Homework Assignment as Optional.  Because there are already several extra assignments this month, we chose to allow the mentor to decide if she wanted to include this or not.  As a mentor, you could download them, read them, then decide if you think one or both would be helpful for your women.