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Remember your first day at a new school?  Remember your first day at your first job?  You didn’t really know anyone, but you wanted to.  Remember how it seemed to take forever before you knew everyone?  And remember how much more comfortable you felt once you did?

That’s what this first retreat is all about.  In a focused time away together . . . you and your mentees will spend a weekend really getting to know each other.  What usually takes weeks or months to do, you'll be able to accomplish during this concentrated time together.   You’ll review your first book (or the book of the session you're on), Scripture verses, and homework assignment.  But the most important part of the retreat is spent sharing “faith stories”.  Each woman will have already prepared her faith story and now have the opportunity to share her story with the group.  Afterward, the ladies in the group will be able ask her questions and pray for her.  Having already told your story, you’ll be listening intently, taking notes, and asking God to show you the truth about each woman....where she's come from, where she is RIGHT NOW, and where God might be leading her to go.  You’ll be listening, listening, listening!

And by the time you cook together, clean together, do some fun activities, pray, and share life stories, they’ll be ready to take full advantage of the mentoring season you’ll give them.  And maybe more importantly, they’ll lay the foundation for deep friendships to form with each other that may last for the rest of their lives!