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Sexual Purity

We live in a sex-crazed society.  At no other time in history have women been so bombarded with sexual misinformation and anti-God messages about their sexuality.  Our culture has adopted a Sodom-and-Gomorrah mentality that is promoted on everything from cereal boxes, television and movies, music, books, internet and many other forms of communication. Frustrated, Christian women look to the church in hopes of finding clear answers that will silence the noisy chaos clamoring in their ears.  But here the voices are different, but just as confusing: "Don't date . . Do date . . Don't kiss . . Don't have sex until you're married . . Don't have sex until you really, really love someone and can't handle the sexual tension any longer."

How many of us Christians hope God will guard us from calamity and misery, while every day we make small, seemingly inconsequential immoral choices that inch us toward bigger immoralities? When God calls on us to pursue purity, we are not being asked to do what will deprive us of joy. To choose purity is to put ourselves under God's blessing.

You have to opportunity to bring some clarity and hope for single women as you look at what God says and share your experiences with them.  This is a topic we avoid, yet so many women need to talk this about with an older and wiser woman.  It's no overstatement to call this a life-and-death issue.  You could set each woman on a course for which each of them and their families will always be grateful!