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Stewardship: Finances and Time

Though eternal life is infinite, while on earth we have a finite amount of time and money . . . and wise stewardship of these finite resources is a significant key in experiencing abundant life.  This month you have a choice on what to focus on - finance or time.  Regardless of which ever focus you choose, you'll end up talking about both.

Money . . . one of the key areas of stress and causes of divorce among married couples.  As we have discovered, every financial decision is a life decision.  As someone once said, “Measure wealth not by the things you have, but by the things you have for which you would not take money.”

Russ Crosson, financial planner and author of Truth about Money Lies and Your Life . . .  Well Spent and , holds that the only mark that will truly last is our posterity.   This is more than being a good steward of our finances, but being a good steward of all that God has entrusted to us - our time, talent, treasures, and relationships.  Even though this book is written from the man's perspective, the truths set forth has had a great impact on the women and their families.  It is the one book that we also encourage husbands to read, and husbands have been impacted and thankful for the encouragement to read it.

Howard Dayton, cofounder of Crown Financial Ministries and author of Your Money Counts, shows us what the Bible has to say about money and how it guides us in managing our finances. This book is very practical with as it deals with debt, budgeting, investing, giving, financial decisions, work, teaching your children to handle finances wisely, and God's perspective of what's really important.

Time . . . Margin is defined as the space between our load and our limits and is related to our reserves and resilience. It is a buffer, a leeway, a gap; the place we go to heal, to relate, to reflect, to recharge our batteries, to focus on the things that matter most.  Margin offers seventy-five practical prescriptions for restoring margin in the essential areas of emotional energy, physical energy, time, and finances. Margin restores what culture has taken away: time to listen, strength to care, space to love.

Whichever topic you choose will enable you to share God's truth about handling your finances or time in a way that will lead to a more fulfilling and peaceful life, as they learn to trust God in this area and use the resources He's given in a way that honors Him as the Giver of all good things.