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All moms want to be good mothers to their children.  But parenting in an increasingly complex world isn't a simple or easy task.  Parenting for the most part is often "on the job training.”

Being a mom is a hugely important role, but one that can often feel frustrating and unrewarding. There are so many challenges we face as parents, and having an older woman who is further down the road is a gift to young women's lives.  You’ll be able to come alongside women to encourage them and help them in ways their peers cannot.

This topic focuses on some of the “how to’s” of parenting, such as discipline, training, and understanding the different ages and stages of a child.  There are several suggestions to select from.  Each book focuses on different aspects of parenting and different seasons of parenting.

Don’t feel you have to have been the perfect mom, or that all your children have made wise choices and are walking with the Lord.  You’ll find that some of the key insights and wisdom you’ll be able to give them are things you learned, not because you “did it right,” but because you didn’t do so “right” but you gained wisdom through the process.  Your willingness to be transparent and honest will be something God will use in a mighty way!

We highly recommend each mentor read the book before giving it out.  You know where each of the women are in your group, so reading the book beforehand will help you to select the appropriate book and also enable you to give a little "set up" to the women as you give out the book.  Our heart's desire is that no woman would come away from this month feeling discouraged or guilty, but would be encouraged and better equipped as parents.